Valentines generosity appreciated


Dear Editor,

I am writing to tell a good story. There seems to be a lot of negative stories these days.

On Valentine’s Day, my wife, 10-month-old daughter and I went to a restaurant in town for dinner. After seeing we were the only couple with a baby I kind of felt bad and hoped our baby wouldn’t make a fuss and take away from others’ romantic dinner.

We had a great meal and our daughter was quite behaved and content, getting some admiration from the nice couple behind us too.

When the waitress brought the bill all that was there were some mints. She said a couple had paid for our meal!

They thought our baby was cute and wanted to treat us new parents. We had no idea who they were as they left a couple minutes after we had arrived.

This made our Valentine’s Day and month. My wife cried and I teared up. We were so grateful, blessed and honoured by the gesture.

It’s not just about a paid dinner but the kindness of strangers we experienced.

You make the world a better place and we will find a way to pay it forward. I hope everyone who has ever done an act of kindness knows that they did make a difference in that strangers day! So thank you again!

Evan B



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