Thanks to a good samaritan in a snow storm


Dear Editor,

On Feb. 14 around 11 a.m., a freak blizzard blew up just south of Okotoks. I was heading west on 434 Avenue with only a few kilometres to go to reach home when the snow got so heavy and the wind, with nothing to stop it, got so powerful I could drive no further.

I stopped on the road, could not find the lever for my four-way flashers and thought I was doomed. There was a truck driver behind me who fortunately saw me stop and pulled up beside me which put him at risk in the on-coming traffic lane. I looked at him with sheer terror in my eyes, I’m sure, and said, “I’m petrified.”

He said, “Follow me and you’ll be okay.” Unsure that I was still breathing, I stared at his tail lights and followed. That was all I could see.

My driver’s side window was caked in snow and I had no idea where I was. We drove along slowly together and just where I needed to turn, he stopped and I was able to get onto 43rd Street.

I have no idea who this man was and wasn’t even able to say “thank you” but I will always remember this Valentine’s Day with a special rescue from a stranger. My heartfelt thanks goes to him.

Linda LeGeyt



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