News from the VNC


Our annual meeting went well. We welcomed our new president Kevin Pearson and treasurer Bill Rowe.

We have new directors, as well as those who are serving the remainder of their term.

A huge vote of thanks to Ross Binkley, who will step into the past president’s position. Marion Kennedy has agreed to assume the social convener position and Janet Ubell will take over purchasing supplies.

We are still in need of someone to do the annual bridge luncheon in June. It was decided that the meeting minutes could be emailed to members.

If anyone wishes to take advantage of this, the secretary has a sign-up sheet. Otherwise, there is always a copy of the minutes on the bulletin board.

The blue moon/super moon total eclipse was visible before sunrise this morning, and lasted about an hour and 15 minutes. This was the first blue moon eclipse in 150 years.

Our line dancers have a date to dance for the residents of the High Country Lodge and the Rising Sun on Feb. 15. We now have upwards of 25 enthusiastic dancers in our group and we are looking forward to our first 2018 gig.

The Griffiths Centre will host its Valentine dinner on Feb. 15, so make sure you stop by and get your ticket as it will be a sell out for sure.


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