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We’re pretty quiet at the club, the only activity will be Wednesday bridge until after New Year’s.

I have so few birds these days, I’ve been waiting for the red polls, but, to date, none have shown up at my feeder. I guess the food supply in the north is still good or they would be here.

Have you found that fewer people are sending Christmas cards this year? I have received several online, but for those who don’t have email, it must be disappointing.

I hope your Christmas was wonderful. Some of my special people were with us, but most were with the other side of the family this year.

We were fortunate to have two little ones and they really made the day for us all. I hope to spend New Year’s with my kids in Lethbridge if the weather cooperates.

Breakfast at the Griffiths Centre will only be available one day this week, that being Thursday Dec. 28 from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Regular breakfast hours resume on Jan. 2. There are still a few openings for floor curling on Wednesday mornings, so if you are needing some exercise in the New Year this is a fun activity.

Did you know that Canada is the most educated country? Fifty-five per cent of Canadian adults have college degrees.


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