News from the VNC


It is time to start thinking about Samaritan’s Purse Christmas child campaign. Virginia has brought a supply of boxes to the club for those of you who participate in this, dear to my heart, charity. Every year I envision some little kid’s face lighting up with joy when he/she is handed such a box of treasures.

I am encouraged by the Alberta Forest Product’s report on its tree planting program. According to the Gateway Gazette, 74 million trees were planted in Alberta this year. The industry plants two trees for every one that is harvested. They directly employ 15,000 Albertans and create spin off employment for thousands more.

Check out the Sheep River library for several interesting programs upcoming in October. I’m thinking The Missus on Oct. 13 will be of interest to the women especially &, of course, none of us want to miss Doris Daley on October 15.

I have watered everything copiously and we have turned off the water. Last year we did this same thing at the end of September and towards the end of October, it was so dry we had to reverse the procedure and start all over. An October of good weather is fine by me.

Duncan’s crew outdid themselves for our Thanksgiving dinner, it was beyond delicious. The silent auction went well, I’ll let you know the bottom line as soon as Steve gets a final count.

My friend and neighbour won the 50/50, do you think she will be taking me to Timmy’s for coffee?


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