News from the Valley Neighbours Club


Our Easter dinner and silent auction is set for March 18.

The tickets are available for pickup.

The cost is $20, as usual, and you may bring your silent auction items from March 5 to 12.

A friend from Okotoks reported sighting a bald eagle.

He’s one up on me as I haven’t seen one since last fall.

They usually tend to arrive when the baby calves start to be born, although, how they know this is a mystery to me.

The odd one will winter here but that depends largely on the food source.

Dinner at the Griffiths Centre on Thursday was beyond delicious.

No wonder they were sold out two weeks ago.

During the dinner, we sat with a couple from Nelson, B.C. and Andy introduced a guest from Beijing, so Bonnie’s cooking has gone viral.

I hope you all had a wonderful family day.

Did you know that one hair from your head will hold the weight of an apple. I wonder how many of you will try this.


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