News From the Valley Neighbours Club


News will be sketchy this week. I’ve just returned from a week in Arizona where it was 70 plus every day. I ate fresh oranges from Gloria’s trees, had fresh-picked pomegranate and her cocktail tree is amazing. It has three kinds of citrus growing on a single tree. I am enthralled with Arizona. When you haven’t seen green for three months, flowers and grass are pure eye candy. Gloria has eight hummingbird feeders and there was feverish activity all the time and I had the pleasure of seeing a cardinal.

Just a reminder about the annual meeting tomorrow at 1 p.m. Your attendance is important. A club cannot be managed by your executive board alone.

Our local library has an active hiking, cross country skiing and snowshoeing group. There were 13 cars parked across from my house last week and the occupants had such fun skiing on the golf course.


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