Is it time for spring yet?


Congratulations to everyone who participated in Winter Walk Day last Wednesday Feb. 7! The walking track at the Pason Centennial Arena was well used that day and many participants went out walking in the great outdoors and reported the amount of minutes they walked to the Winter Walk Day website afterwards.

There was a substantial increase in participation at the Pason Centennial Arena this year with a combined total of 11,479 minutes spent walking by participants there. This is up from 7,800 minutes of walking at the Pason Centennial Arena on Winter Walk Day in 2017. Congratulations to everyone who is staying active even when the weather makes it a bit more challenging to do so.

While we are on the topic of winter, I have determined the best property situation for a house if you want to minimize snow shovelling. Some residential streets have the front sidewalk on only one side of the street. Also, if you have a front attached garage that entails a driveway that needs to be shovelled. Rear detached garages accessed from a lane do not have a driveway. Therefore, I conclude that the best residential lot for minimal snow shovelling is a property where the sidewalk is on the other side of the street with a rear detached garage.

Myself, I have a north facing front attached garage where the sun never shines on the driveway and a public sidewalk across the front so I’ve had lots of time to think about this while I’m out there shovelling. Its not so bad because I have the world’s best neighbour, Udo Adam who makes a circuit through the neighbourhood with his snow blower clearing off sidewalks. Thank you Udo!


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