Happy New Year to All


Before we look forward to the year ahead, lets first look back and see how wrong I was with my 2017 predictions.

1. Correct! Calgary Flames made the playoffs. We got crushed by the Ducks in four straight losses but we still made the playoffs nonetheless.

2. Correct! Justin Trudeau did create a scandal for himself. The Ethics Commissioner recently concluded that he violated conflict of interest rules with his vacation to the Bahamian island owned by the Aga Khan. This probably isn’t scandalous enough to shorten his political career but I’m counting this one as correct.

3. Wrong! Construction hasn’t begun on the Okotoks regional water pipeline. If anyone from the Alberta government is reading this, please send cash.

4. Wrong! Price of oil did not exceed $80 per barrel. A man can dream right?

5. Wrong! Twinning of Pason Centennial Arena was not complete in 2017. So close! The Pason Centennial Arena expansion will be open to the public on Jan. 31, 2018 at 4 p.m..

6. Wrong! George R.R. Martin did not release book six in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. Now, he says maybe sometime in 2018, I’ll believe it when I see it.

7. Wrong! Readers viewed +760,000 webpages at westernwheel.com but we did not break 1 million page views.

8. Half right! I was right about eighteen candidates for town councillor in Okotoks but I was wrong about the four mayoral candidates, as there were only two.

9. Wrong! I haven’t heard of anyone from Okotoks earning a spot in Canada’s current Winter Olympic Team.

10. Wrong! Affordable virtual reality gear is not the most popular Christmas gift in 2017. My independent analysis indicates that socks and underwear are still the most popular gifts.


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