County is a sweet name


The Bard once wrote “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

The MD of Foothills is hoping old William Shakespeare is right as it is on the verge of changing it’s name to “Foothills County.”

All that is needed is the approval from the provincial government and Foothills will join its neighbours to the east Vulcan in carrying the label ‘County’ rather than ‘Municipal District.’

It should make no difference to the day-to-day operations of Foothills — if roads don’t get gravelled, weeds don’t get cleared and hamlets don’t get their services, who knows what residents will call it — guaranteed it will be way worse than “MD” or “County.”

In fact, residents have spoken out in favour of the name change through various surveys taken by the MD.

It’s a name change that makes sense in terms of branding.

Although the term “municipal district” and “county” mean the same things to Albertans, county is better known outside of the Wild Rose province and most importantly, beyond the borders of Canada.

The government body is rightfully attempting to bring businesses to such areas as the Warner Business Park, near Aldersyde.

As well, the Foothills is home to such world class facilities as the Spruce Meadows Equestrian Centre to the north and the Bar U Ranch to the southwest.

Not to mention one of the most well-known farmers’ market is in the hamlet of Millarville and there are top-notch golf courses in Priddis Greens, Sirocco, Cottonwood, Heritage Pointe and others.

All of those areas would remain world-class regardless of Foothills’ names.

However, “County” is better known than “MD” and it could make a difference in marketing and branding — and has a touch more panache.

Branding and marketing is part of the name of the game at any level of politics.



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