Youths still enjoy a good read


Don’t ever underestimate a sixth grader.

I was honoured to be a celebrity guest reader at Big Rock School for Literacy Week on Jan. 27 and it was reinforced once again you are never too old for Robert Munsch, as I gave my rendition of such classics as We Share Everything and Smelly Socks – I wore such a pair just for the occasion.

When I was asked what I was reading, I informed them I was reading Underground Railroad, and asked if anybody knew what that was. One young lady put up her hand and told me about Harriet Tubman, a former slave who worked with the famed secret organization that helped slaves to freedom.

I was duly impressed.

A visit to Cayley School to take in its WIN program showed me educators are giving students the tools to be passionate readers.

I didn’t see one student moping or complaining when participating in the daily 45-minute required reading session.

Although the Cayley students were reading books, youth today are reading on their phones, their laptops, maybe 140 characters at a time as well as the traditional way.

If a person isn’t reading a hardcover version of a book dealing with the Underground Railroad, it doesn’t mean he or she doesn’t know the story.

A sixth grader could tell you that.


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