Water issue worth a look


In order to respond to an issue, it’s important to identify precisely what’s at issue in the first place.

A petition unveiled in Black Diamond last week is asking the Town to stop larger-scale development until water supplies are back up to pre-2013 flood levels.

Residents behind the petition say the existing water supply for Black Diamond and Turner Valley isn’t enough for residents without water restrictions that have been in place since the 2013 flood.

Black Diamond Mayor Glen Fagan said the Sheep River Regional Utility Corporation has enough water to serve a population of 7,000. According to the Town, water restrictions are in place to encourage people to conserve the precious resource. The utility corporation is potentially weeks away from hearing whether Alberta Environment will grant its request application to pump 6,500 cubic metres of water per day from the Sheep River.

The petitioners are bringing up an important point about the region’s water supply. There is merit in taking a look at their request. If there is an issue with water supplies in Black Diamond, then the Town needs to take their request seriously.

But, it needs to first determine what the problem is to come up with a solution.


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