Taking a better outlook for 2018


2017 was a trying year as many Albertans still face the lingering effects of recession and uncertainties abound at home and abroad.

The start of 2018 came with aspirations and resolutions for a better year to come.

It’s no time to sit idle, there’s plenty of work to make this year one of prosperity.

2017 was the year the provincial economy started to turn around. Still, it remains closely tied to the price of oil and until prices rise, the economy will continue to slog along at a slower pace. The provincial government needs to position Alberta to be able to grow, to support the energy industry and continue diversification efforts.

In Okotoks, a water pipeline needs to be the number one priority for 2018.

The Town has enough of a buffer with its existing water licence supply to serve the community. But, a pipeline is essential to not only ensure security of supply into the future, but also to allow the town to attract new families and businesses.

There is reason for optimism in 2018. It’ll take some work, but it could be a year to remember.

Happy New Year.


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