Set for a most civil football duel


One of the highlights of the football season will take place when the Holy Trinity Academy Knights host their cross-town rivals the Foothills Falcons on the gridiron Thursday at 7 p.m.

I have dubbed it a Most Civil War, not because they hate each like the North vs. South debacle of the 1860s, but because these players are very civil to one another.

As a result of the prodigious Foothills Eagles minor program which has produced solid gridiron players like Evan Bruynzeel, David Bowers at HTA and Seth Nelson and Tyler Going at the Comp, all these guys have played together for years.

The players all have kind words to say for one another, great for community but not for headlines. I want Trump-like quotes and instead I get Ned Flanders.

Actually that’s not my style and besides I’m willing to forgo the easy headline with the knowledge of knowing there are good young men — and women — coming through the high school athletic systems.

It won’t be touch football out there. Both teams will be hitting hard before shaking one another’s hands at game’s end.

It will be fun to watch.

This year’s match up is likely too close to call and I’m not smart enough to predict.

Or maybe I’m too smart to do so. I would make half of Okotoks mad at me.

Trust me, I have heard both the “You went to a public school didn’t you?” and the “I know how you love those Knights” comments in the past.

I have no kids. I just want a good game and no one to get hurt.

That’s the only civil approach to take.


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