Remembrance parking problems


Dear Editor,

Re. November 11, Remembrance Day Service.

Let me commend the organizers of this year’s Remembrance Day. It was fantastic. It is always an enjoyable and memorable event for me.

It appeared as if the number of attendees has dwindled a bit from previous years.

It seems to me that some of the problem is the amount of parking for a venue such as the Pason arena.

To alleviate that to an extent, may I suggest that the use of the “On It” buses could make a difference by using parking spots at the recreation centre and maybe, with permission from some of the other businesses on the south side, those lots could be used as well to ferry people to and from the arena.

It may even help some of those businesses after the ceremonies are completed as people come back to do shopping.

Just a thought.

Norman Jaster



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