Remembrance Day, Nov. 11


I’m so grateful that I was born in Canada.

When I think about the varying degrees of quality of life experienced by people around the globe, being born in Canada was the genetic equivalent of winning the lottery.

Even after touring the western USA this summer I came home with the feeling that the overall quality of life in Canada is second to none.

When I think about the living conditions and horrors endured in war-torn places, the plight of families trying to escape genocide, refugees doing their best to survive in camps, it really hits home just how fortunate I am to live in this beautiful place.

I’m not sure if you experience the same thing but I can have 90 positive interactions with different people, nine absolutely uplifting interactions, one negative interaction and the interaction that sticks in my thoughts is the negative one.

Even when I remind myself of the good or uplifting interactions the negative one is persistent.

Because of this it’s easy to lose sight of how blessed I really am.

This Saturday, Nov. 11 we remember and show gratitude for all of the Canadian veterans, many of whom paid the ultimate price for our freedom and quality of life that we experience today.

The horrors endured by some of these brave men and women are difficult to comprehend as I’ve never experienced anything even remotely comparable.

Thank you to all of our brothers and sisters who are currently serving in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Thank you to all of the Canadian veterans who have endured the worst so that we wouldn’t need to. I owe this quality of life in Canada that is second to none to you.


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