Province helps students hit the big screen


A Grade 6 student at Red Deer Lake School will get to see what she is doing wrong when she attempts a volleyball spike in gym class.

Or better yet, what she is doing right thanks to a $25,000 provincial grant given to the Red Deer Lake school council (the Foothills Cultural and Recreational Enrichment Centre) on Nov. 13 to purchase audio/visual equipment for the school’s gymnasium.

“It might help us learn better ways to play sports in gym class— like volleyball, soccer, basketball,” said student Hanna Camp.

It will also help when the school shows off its talented students and teachers at assemblies and special occasions.

“The bigger screen will give us a better picture of what we are doing,” Camp said.

Red Deer Lake School principal Shannon Culbert described the state-of-the art audio/visual equipment as an educational ‘Jumbotron’.

“It’s a piece of technology that just advances everything we do in the gym,” Culbert said. “It’s kind of a Jumbotron. We can show kids how to do a proper layup in basketball, we can videotape the kids and have instant replay.

“As well as, we can use it for the various assemblies.”

School council treasurer Ivy Sims admitted the $25,000 equates to a lot of bake sales.

“We are extremely grateful,” Sims said of the cheque, which was presented by Livingstone Macleod MLA Pat Stier.

Culbert said it was a joint effort between the hard-working school council and staff to apply for the grant.


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