Only two funding sources for pipeline


Dear Editor,

During the recent campaign, I knocked on about 400 of my neighbours’ doors. I wasn’t running for office but I gave out some brochures from a few candidates that were. I represented myself as a fellow resident rather than as a candidate surrogate as I was giving out brochures for three independent candidates.

In Matt Rockley’s pamphlet (not one I handed out), he said that Okotoks could borrow the money itself to pay for the pipeline but he didn’t think that was a good idea. I agree with him on this issue. From many sources (including the forum and brochure), I believe that if Bill Robertson’s opponent didn’t get the funding from the province in a very short time period (need water pipeline yesterday), what would happen?

There are only two options for paying for the pipeline and that is government money or borrow against our houses (or both, of course).

Only Mr. Robertson (running for mayor) said we need to keep pressing the government even if it takes a few more years. Others said let’s buy a few more water licenses if we have to, until the province pays its fair share, like Councillor Ed Sands said after the election.

As a resident, I have as much right as a candidate to describe what I think the future holds after someone is elected to council. In the case of just two people running for mayor, you will inevitably show why your candidate’s position is better than the other candidates.

If I helped (even a little) to define the real issue of borrowing all the money for the pipeline or waiting and getting as much from the province as we can, then I don’t apologize for that at all.

David Clark



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