Okotoks Western Wheel App


When I was 17 years old my friend Sheldon and I had a little lawn mowing business.

We used his cell phone as our business phone and we split the bill. I was shocked at the cost! Paying $100 or more per month to make a few phone calls seemed ridiculous to me.

I went without a cellphone for the next 20 years until I was given one at work. My friends and colleagues always saw me as the last cellphone holdout. Since I’m using a smartphone now I think its safe to say that the majority of folks have one too.

Since we all have a phone in our pocket the Western Wheel team has developed an app so that local news coverage is accessible wherever you are. It’s free to download from the App Store, just search Okotoks Western Wheel.

Its pretty cool because one side of the app features local news and the other side of the app is a resource directory called Connect Okotoks that helps people find local businesses and organizations. We will continue to print a local phone book as we always have but in 2017 the name will change from the Resource Directory to Connect Okotoks. Please contact Glennda Goudey at the Western Wheel office to advertise your business or organization in the Connect Okotoks book and app.

The Western Wheel newspaper is something that we all share in the community and is one of the things that we have in common.

I see the Western Wheel App with local news and information as one more thing that we can all share that provides a connection between us.


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