New deputy mayor has big shoes to fill


A woman has taken the chair of deputy mayor for the MD of Foothills for the second time in its history.

Coun. Delilah Miller was appointed as the deputy mayor after a vote in council chambers on Oct. 26. Miller was up against fellow coun. Suzanne Oel.

“I feel very honoured to be the new deputy mayor,” said Miller. “It’s especially humbling to be chosen by your fellow councillors.”

The last time a woman held the position was in the early 1990s, when Gwen Blatz was deputy reeve. She went on to the reeve’s chair the following year.

Miller said she’s looking forward to her new role on council. The mayor and deputy mayor are seen most in the public eye, which she said is very appealing.

“I’m usually pretty front-and-centre in other things I’ve done in the community, so it just seemed like a good fit for me,” said Miller.

Having chaired several committees in the past, she said she’s ready for the job.

After being appointed, she was told by Mayor Larry Spilak she would have “big shoes to fill.” Former Coun. Ted Mills held the positions of deputy reeve and mayor for seven years prior to his retirment this year.

“Ted was an excellent deputy mayor,” said Miller. “He tried to be very fiscally responsible, so that’s right up my alley as well. That what I ran on and something I certainly want to continue with.”

She said one of her biggest goals for the next term is to expand economic development in the MD. The industrial corridor on Highway 2A will be a large part of that, she said.

More businesses in the core will lead to more revenue, and hopefully take the pressure off residential taxpayers, she said.

Spilak was appointed as mayor for the eighth year running. He is serving his eleventh year on council.

“I had no idea that I would be here, then,” said Spilak. “When I initially went into this I thought one term and maybe two, but what happens is it gets to feel like you’re responsible.”

He said the mayor’s chair is up for grabs every October in the MD, and he appreciates the vote of confidence from his fellow councillors to have him hold the position for another year.

“I’m honoured again to serve the council of the MD of Foothills and the residents throughout,” said Spilak.


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