Melting snow causing flooding


Town crews are working to open storm drains on roads after warm temperatures caused large puddles to form in several locations in Okotoks.

One of the largest puddles formed on the southbound lanes of Southridge Drive near Cimarron Boulevard.

The road remained open to traffic, but it was cut down to one lane of travel because melting snow resulted in minor flooding at the location, bringing water levels above the curb.

Melanie Heemeryck, Okotoks communications specialist, said Town crews are targeting priority locations to open up storm drains and clear roads.

“Currently, our transportation crews are steaming and opening up the frozen catch basins in a prioritized manner,” she said in an email. “They have a list started this morning from those that have called in with street drainage issues and they (town staff) have been out monitoring the areas.”

She said rapid freeze-thaw cycles during Chinooks could cause snow to melt, while also freezing up catch basins on roads.

She said anyone who notices flooding on roads in Okotoks can call the Town’s transportation department at 403-938-4372.


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