Lost coyote returned to the wild


Okotoks police officers helped return a lost coyote to the wild last week.

On Nov. 19 several citizens called Okotoks RCMP to report a coyote in a playground area they thought was either injured or rabid because it was acting strangely, said Okotoks Municipal Enforcement Manager Kelly Stienwand.

“Our officers are very skilled in dealing with animals and they were able to assess that this animal was more likely confused and young as opposed to injured or rabid,” said Stienwand.

RCMP and municipal enforcement officers worked together to gain the animal’s trust and keep the situation calm and under control, he said. Eventually they were able to get close enough to the coyote to get a loop pole over its head and secure it, he said.

The coyote was placed in a cage and transported outside the community, where it was released back into the wild, said Stienwand.

“It’s a great story that highlights the hard work and collaboration done by our police officers and peace officers in the community,” said Stienwand. “We live in a wildlife corridor so it’s not unfamiliar for us to have animals find themselves lost or disoriented in our community.”


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