Kenney needs to focus on priorities


Jason Kenney, former Progressive Conservative Party leader and federal cabinet minister, has pulled off a rare and remarkable political feat winning leadership of the United Conservative Party (UCP).

It was a resounding victory for Kenney who was backed by 61 per cent of party members.

As Kenney and the UCP now set their sights on the real prize – defeating the NDP in the 2019 provincial election – they need to build a big tent conservative party with room for all voices.

Progressively minded conservatives have concerns that a Kenney-led UCP will be too far to the right.

Kenney has raised eyebrows saying parents should be told when their children join Gay, Straight Alliances. Meanwhile, there have been some in the former Wildrose camp who have called for the creation of yet another new conservative party.

Kenney came into provincial politics to unify conservatives, he now needs to leave potentially divisive issues on the sidelines and focus on what matters most – growing Alberta’s economy, creating jobs, getting provincial spending under control, while supporting essential programs and balancing the budget.


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