Highway should be reviewed


Dear Editor,

In reply to the well written letter to the Western Wheel by Mr. Stewart Sinclair-Smith.

I agree about the dangers presented by the guardrails on Secondary Highway 549.

I have been thinking and discussing this problem already for months, and have mentioned this to one of the RCMP officers at Turner Valley. The officer said they would look into it.

Now, knowing that an elk was killed by a motorcycle and a moose killed by a truck, which was demolished, are we now waiting for the death or injury of a bicyclist in a similar situation, or a multiple car crash?

The guardrails seem particularly dangerous at the turn to the Seaman Sportplex baseball diamond, where there is no room for avoidance in case of a car line up at the entrance to turn into the baseball diamond, and with speeds of 100km/hr allowed on the road.

Proper highway design includes a sufficiently wide berm for incident avoidance.

Instead, these guardrails on Highway 549 do not provide escape or possible avoidance of head-on crash or hitting an animal or bicycle who also have no way of fleeing or veering off, only to head straight into the guardrail.

We hope this issue will be looked at seriously, as enough damage has already been caused, and not wait for a death resulting from these awkwardly placed guardrails.

Peter VanderKloot

MD of Foothills


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