Foothills County makes sense


There could soon be a new name for our rural community.

The MD of Foothills council voted to apply to the Province to become Foothills County. One reason behind the decision was to make the region more recognizable for what it is – an agricultural area with urban centres, schools, sports parks, and commercial and industrial zones.

Reeve Larry Spilak said people around the world understand what a county is, as opposed to a municipal district. He’s right.

Counties are much more prevalent throughout North America and the concept of a county is understood, whereas MD often needs to be explained. Some councillors said it’s even been confused for “medical doctor.”

It’s the right time for the MD to make the move. Signage is the largest expense in rebranding and changing the name, but its a cost the municipality was facing anyway due to weathering on its current gateway signs.

The MD is joining the ranks of more than 40 rural municipalities in Alberta that have become counties, many in the last decade.

It’s a good choice economically. Residents stand to benefit from a potentially increased industrial tax base without forfeiting their country lifestyle.

MD or county, they’ll still call the Foothills home.


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