Follow the rules of the road to make them safe


Dear Editor,

On the TV news tonight concerns were expressed about the unsafe behaviour on the ski hills, particularly the snow boarders. One gentleman said, “It’s about being responsible for your behaviour on the slopes.”

Now, change the last word to “roads.” This brings me to the concerns with the Highway 7 and 16 Street intersection. I agree that improvements can be made, but it doesn’t matter how many lines are painted on the road, or how many signs are erected if the drivers are irresponsible and ignore them. Recently while waiting in line on 16 Street to cross Highway 7, a truck drove up past the line on the side of the ditch and turned west without stopping. Lucky the west bound highway lane was empty.

Reducing the speed limit might help, but how many drivers pay attention to speed signs? Maybe two per cent? When I am driving on the highway at the speed limit I am usually the slowest car on the road, especially Highway 2 North, even in town.

As I have stressed previously, the main problem is the selfish attitude of the drivers who ignore the rules of the road. I was under the impression that there are consequences for ignoring the rules. Why not deal with the real problem.

Richard Ellum



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