Fans should get on the Oilers bandwagon


Dear Editor,

I have lived in the Okotoks area for some time and am somewhat of a sports fan. I have, over the years, attended just about every amateur sporting event that has been on in this area. Soccer, baseball, lacrosse etc. This brings me to hockey.

Okotoks has one of the top Junior hockey teams in the country, and has been consistently ranked in the top 10 off and on for a number of years. Currently ranked #3 in Canada. Quite an accomplishment. This team is made up of junior aged (16 to 20 years) players mostly from our surrounding area, most of whom are seeking to garner scholarships to further their education.

To say the least it is very good hockey and very entertaining. They are unpaid, and live with volunteer billets.

This brings me to my point. The support that the Okotoks Oilers get from this community is far below the standard that they should be getting. I am not talking just Okotoks, but the surrounding area as well.

They average just around 900 to a 1,000 fans per game. In a population base of probably more than 50,000, that is not good.

As mentioned, they are mostly local kids, certainly from Alberta.

The Dawgs get more than 3,000 fans per game consistently, and all their players are imported from all over North America.

If they can get that many fans per game, the Okotoks Oilers should get at least that or more, they are local.

They are active in our community in many different charities, all on their own time.

The hockey fans in this community need to get on the bandwagon and support this team. At least try it. If you are a hockey fan you will enjoy the pace and the competitiveness.

On top of that, Okotoks now has a Triple “A” Midget team that is in its first year and are doing very well for a first year team. Those boys hopefully will graduate to the Junior team in time.

Ted Davis



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