Family waited six decades for New Year’s baby


Okotoks’ New Year’s baby wasn’t just the first infant born in 2018, she’s also the first girl the Haberlack family has seen in six decades.

Eight-pound, six-ounce Iris Haberlack was born on Jan. 2 at 3:55 p.m. at South Health Campus hospital after eight hours of labour. Mom, Meagan and dad, Ryan, knew they were having a girl but kept it a surprise from everyone else – even their two sons, Sullivan (five years old) and Lewis (3).

It wasn’t too difficult to keep the secret, said Meagan.

“It was kind of fun actually,” she said. “We were going to keep it a secret anyway, but since we found out it was a girl, it was really easy to keep it a secret because she was actually the first girl on my husband’s side of the family in 61 years.

“We knew she would be extra spoiled and we wanted to save it until she was actually here, so that made it a lot easier to keep a secret.”

Ryan’s side of the family isn’t large to begin with, but over 61 years 11 males have been born to family members without a baby girl in sight, she said.

It was a good surprise for the entire family, including Iris’ two older brothers, who were thrilled to have a baby sister.

“They love her, they’re really excited,” said Meagan. “They sing to her and they have nicknames for her already, they just love her.”

So far, it’s been smooth sailing for the new family of five. Baby Iris sleeps well at night and is calm all day long – a mother’s dream.

Having two big brothers ready to help out makes things even easier, said Meagan.

“They like to help out with anything they can, it’s so great,” she said.

Even the pregnancy was uneventful – though there were some differences between this time and her previous two pregnancies that Meagan said made her sure she wasn’t carrying another boy even before the 19-week ultrasound.

“I really thought it was a girl, because everything was so different,” said Meagan. “Absolutely everything could not have been more different than with the boys. She’s the only one I was sick with. Silly little things, like acne and I had heartburn so bad with her. I carried her differently.

“I just knew.”

As for the future, it doesn’t look like the Haberlacks will become a party of six.

The first girl in six decades will be the last child for the Okotoks family.

“She’s the last one,” said Meagan. “I’m trying to eat up every last second of it.”


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