Council needs to act fast


There was some turnover for the MD of Foothills, Black Diamond and Turner Valley, but it will be more of the same in Okotoks for the next four years.

Bill Robertson is taking on his third term as mayor, and five seats were filled by incumbents. The only fresh face is Florence Christophers, returning from a one-term hiatus from town council.

After months of complaints online and in public about a need for change at the council table, the results are surprising.

Voter turnout has a lot to do with the numbers. About 30 per cent of eligible voters cast ballots in the 2017 municipal election – a total of 5,672 votes.

It’s a dismal statistic, but unfortunately not overly shocking. In fact, the number of voters is about 11 per cent more than 2013, when just 4,617 ballots were cast.

This council has a lot of work ahead. Residents expect to see movement on the water pipeline and economic development and with a council of incumbents, it will be expected sooner than later.

Having the same people at the table can be a blessing or a curse. They know the ropes, they’ve been entrenched in the battles for water. But, as many have pointed out, they haven’t produced results – yet.

Scrutiny will be high as council begins its new term. Let’s hope the elected mayor and councillors are up to the challenge.


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