An unexpected response


If I hadn’t seen the video I would find it hard to believe that a man would receive a protective response from the crowd at a women’s rally after using physical force against a woman reporter who was covering the rally, but that’s what the video shows.

There was a rally in Edmonton last Saturday in support of the Women’s March in Washington D.C. The rally was well attended with an estimated crowd in excess of 2,000 people. Sheila Gunn Reid from Rebel Media was there reporting on the rally. As shown in the video released by Rebel Media, Reid is attempting to interview one of the rally participants. He uses profanity to express that he doesn’t want to speak with her. As shown in the video, when she continues speaking it appears that he hits the camera Reid was holding and Reid can be heard loudly stating “That guy just hit me in the face!”

In my mind an appropriate response from the bystanders who witnessed the altercation would be to detain him until the police arrived but the response was to direct him into the crowd to slip away from the scene. One of the bystanders tells Reid that she “deserves to be angry” but that was the nearest anyone came to showing condemnation regarding what had just happened.

Viewing this exchange on video has made me question my own understanding of what people believe is and isn’t acceptable in our society. My belief was that most people would condemn his actions and hold him accountable.


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