Aldersyde development a concern for residents


Dear Editor,

New “town” planned for Highway 2 & Highway 547 – Aldersyde East.

A group of landowners are preparing an area structure plan to build a new town, directly east of Highway 2, including land on both the north and south sides of Highway 547. The plan is expected to be presented to the MD of Foothills council within the next couple of months.

The plan proposes a high density housing project, displacing over 1,500 acres of viable agricultural land and is designed for between 6,000 and 9,000 residents. Housing is planned to be for all income levels, from starter homes and up including some multi-family.

The proposed water supply is the Highwood River, which would require a new water treatment plant and waste water treatment plant for the effluent that is going to be discharged back into the Highwood. Water usage for a town of this size is likely to exceed 350,000 gallons per day. There is virtually no infrastructure planned for this new town, no basic services, no plans for schools, fire services, policing or community or recreation facilities.

All residents of the MD of Foothills and the towns of Okotoks, High River and the smaller communities in the area should be very concerned should the MD of Foothills approve this plan. We all have a responsibility to show good stewardship of our resources, including the water and the land. Destruction of this much agricultural land, depletion and degradation of the river, damage to environment, wildlife and habitat is irresponsible.

Future development belongs adjacent to existing towns where the infrastructure already exists and can be responsibly developed. If this plan is allowed to proceed on this site, where will it end?

Audrey Bird

MD of Foothills


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