Affordable housing plan needed


It’s past time to take real action to address Okotoks’ affordable housing problem.

The Okotoks United Church has asked town council to create a committee to find solutions to the lack of affordable housing in town. Councillors should say yes, and actually follow through this time.

It’s something they agreed to do in 2013, approving a motion by then Coun. Florence Christophers.

Then, nothing happened.

Affordable housing is the sleeper issue that many people are aware of, but no one seems to want to take concrete action on.

It’s great news that the Town, developers and builders were able to come together to support Habitat for Humanity’s plan to build in Okotoks. But, one duplex is not nearly enough.

There may not be a visible homeless problem in town, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t families and individuals who are on the fringe. Yes, water and land – the perennial Okotoks problems – haven’t made it any easier, but council should have followed through with its 2013 decision. When councillors agree to form a committee but don’t follow through, it’s hard to think they take it seriously.

Affordable housing needs to be a priority and anyone seeking a seat on town council this month need to make it one.


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