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Wednesday Sep 10, 2014

Schools needed in Okotoks

Okotoks students were back at school last week, but it was administrators who got the surprise pop quiz. ďIf eight more students are in a classroom than expected, what is the best way to accommodate them?Ē ...

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Wednesday Aug 27, 2014

Town righting a big wrong in cleaning up mess

Itís going to be costly, but town council is doing the right thing to clean up the piles of dirt and debris behind homes along Downey Green.

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Wednesday Aug 20, 2014

Council right to put brakes to bylaw

Town councillors made the right move on Monday to put the brakes on a proposed bylaw to change playground and school zones in Okotoks.

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Aug 13

Questions remain after auditor generalís report

Itís all Alisonís fault, at least thatís what the Progressive Conservative government wants Albertans to believe.
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Aug 06

Albertans deserve action on problems

There has been a lot of tough talk by contenders looking to lead Albertaís embattled Progressive Conservative Party over unpopular decisions, suggested culture of entitlement and the most recent revelations over former Premier Alison Redfordís travel habits
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Jul 30

Playground, school zone speed limits should be harmonized

Speed limits in playgrounds and school zones should be reviewed and harmonized, but Okotoks town councillors donít need to take the backseat to Calgary on this issue.
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Jul 23

Recycling changes could solve garbage problems

The Town of Okotoks doesnít need to trash its garbage collection system, but some adjustments are needed to ensure it is meeting residentsí needs. And, recycling should be at the top of the list.
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Jul 16

Province must help Town with interim water plan

Okotoksí growth rate may have dipped slightly in the last year, but the townís population continues to climb making a solution to its water woes ever more important.
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Jul 09

Voters canít take elections for granted

When less than 20 per cent of voters actually take the time to cast a ballot, itís a cause for concern.
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Jul 02

Adult business decision the right one

If itís not illegal, governments should not be in the practice of telling businesses what they can and canít sell. However, there is a place to set ground rules and keep a close watch on businesses that offer goods or services that will raise eyebrows in the community.
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