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Wednesday Jan 21, 2015

Oh Dear! Too many deer in Okotoks?

For some, the deer that have become a regular sight in Okotoks are a lovely reminder of nature and quiet country life. For others, they’re a nuisance and safety hazard on the road. The Town of Okotoks is about to start considering whether or not it should take steps to control the number of deer in Okotoks and is seeking input from the public...

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Thursday Jan 15, 2015

Recall rules needed before byelection

Organizers of a petition to recall Highwood MLA Danielle Smith are giving voters a chance to show their disapproval over her decision to join the PC party and asking her to step down. It sends a strong message, but without legislation allowing the recall of elected officials, that’s all it is.

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Wednesday Jan 7, 2015

Preparing for growth critical for 2015

Foothills municipalities have a lot of work ahead of them in 2015 and preparing to meet the needs and challenges of growth needs to be job number one.

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Dec 24

Smith has to regain faith of electorate

As leader of the Wildrose Party, Danielle Smith routinely criticized the Progressive Conservative government saying they lost Albertans’ trust and needed to get it back.
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Dec 17

Credit due on 2015 budget

The Town has taken flack in the past on spending, but this is one moment it deserves kudos.
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Dec 10

Lights needed before more lives are lost

Delays are often costly, but this one likely cost someone their life and there may be more collisions at a deadly foothills intersection if traffic signals aren’t installed soon.
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Dec 03

Mandatory blue bins not a waste

Okotoks has taken an evolutionary approach with its waste management programs over the years, and it’s time to take a big leap forward and make curbside recycling mandatory in the community.
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Nov 12

Planning critical for future growth

Black Diamond town council made the right decision to put plans to develop land in the town’s southeast on hold until a plan to guide growth in the area is updated.
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Nov 05

Town shouldn’t rush plans for ‘Old Creamery’ property

Buying a piece of property near the Sheep River was a good move for Okotoks’ future, but the Town shouldn’t rush into building anything on a site several businesses currently call home.
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Oct 29

Balance needed between security, liberties

In the wake of last week’s tragedy in Ottawa, the federal government is clearly going to need to take steps to improve security on Parliament Hill and to try to prevent would-be terrorists from doing harm to our nation’s institutions.
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