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Wednesday Jul 16, 2014

Province must help Town with interim water plan

Okotoksí growth rate may have dipped slightly in the last year, but the townís population continues to climb making a solution to its water woes ever more important. The 2013 municipal census shows Okotoks is home to 27,331 people, 1,012 more than last year. ...

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Wednesday Jul 9, 2014

Voters canít take elections for granted

When less than 20 per cent of voters actually take the time to cast a ballot, itís a cause for concern.

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Wednesday Jul 2, 2014

Adult business decision the right one

If itís not illegal, governments should not be in the practice of telling businesses what they can and canít sell. However, there is a place to set ground rules and keep a close watch on businesses that offer goods or services that will raise eyebrows in the community.

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Jun 18

Flood lessons canít be forgotten

Foothills communities have come a long way since the devastating flood of June 20, 2013 and itís a testament to the resiliency and hard work of individual residents, businesses, municipalities and the provincial government.
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Jun 04

Credibility an issue in byelection

Agriculture, jobs and the local economy are most likely top of mind for voters in the Macleod by-election campaign, but questions around the credibility of Prime Minster Stephen Harper and his government are serious and canít be ignored by voters and candidates alike.
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May 28

Teacher evaluation can be positive

The Foothills School Division has spent its money wisely over the years. Sure it passed a deficit budget for the upcoming school year of nearly a $1 million, but with $12 million in the coffers there is a comfortable amount for a rainy day.
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May 14

Macleod byelection not a done deal

Nothing says fun like spending a beautiful summer day going to the polls.
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Apr 30

Senate still needs to change

The Canadian Senate is an anachronsim left over from Canadaís founding days and needs to be reformed to bring it into the modern era. Itís also one of our countyís founding institutions of government and the Supreme Court of Canada made the right decision in saying any changes to the senate must...
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