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Wednesday Nov 12, 2014

Planning critical for future growth

Black Diamond town council made the right decision to put plans to develop land in the town’s southeast on hold until a plan to guide growth in the area is updated. Calgary developer Cantex Enterprises has been working with the Town for six months on a proposal to build town homes and duplexes on Third Street southeast. Last week town council put...

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Wednesday Nov 5, 2014

Town shouldn’t rush plans for ‘Old Creamery’ property

Buying a piece of property near the Sheep River was a good move for Okotoks’ future, but the Town shouldn’t rush into building anything on a site several businesses currently call home.

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Wednesday Oct 29, 2014

Balance needed between security, liberties

In the wake of last week’s tragedy in Ottawa, the federal government is clearly going to need to take steps to improve security on Parliament Hill and to try to prevent would-be terrorists from doing harm to our nation’s institutions.

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Oct 22

Guidelines needed for council donations

Okotoks councillors don’t need to completely cut out the practice of making donations to charitable organizations, but there needs to be clear guidelines to make sure taxpayer dollars are spent appropriately.
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Oct 15

School site would put pressure on PCs

The Foothills School Division and their friends in local government – the MD of Foothills and the Town of Okotoks – have the chance to put the new Jim Prentice-led Progressive Conservative provincial government to the test.
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Oct 08

Lights will make Highway 2A safer

The last thing people driving 110 km per hour on Highway 2A want to see is another set of traffic lights, but it’s better than seeing another collision.
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Oct 01

Diversion details need to come out

Premier Jim Prentice’s sudden announcement the Province will build a flood diversion of the Highwood River to protect the Town of High River from future floods is something many have waited decades to hear.
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Sep 10

Schools needed in Okotoks

Okotoks students were back at school last week, but it was administrators who got the surprise pop quiz.
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Aug 27

Town righting a big wrong in cleaning up mess

It’s going to be costly, but town council is doing the right thing to clean up the piles of dirt and debris behind homes along Downey Green.
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