Council should not be dictating what businesses are allowed


  |  Posted: Wednesday, May 28, 2014 11:23 am

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Dear Editor,

These people who want to decide what is best for everyone in town are no more than those who want to shove their skewed morals down everyone’s throat and rule the world.

Right now they are picking and choosing what “adult” businesses they are trying to ban. Are liquor stores and bars not adult-only too? Are they next on your list?

Maybe there are people you don’t think should be in town also? To say that they are better than anyone that would frequent these types of businesses is a joke. Why not start burning some books while you’re at it?

We become no longer free when one group thinks it can decide for everyone what should or should not be. These types of groups work off fear-mongering and that’s how they will try and convince you to ban something that is legal.

Good acting when someone comes to tears about this, banning legally-entitled businesses should bring us all to tears. If they think everyone doesn’t want these types of businesses, then these businesses would close on their own because no one would attend them, nor should council decide a commercial business be forced to an industrial area with unjust rules applied. I didn’t care for Wal-Mart coming to town, but I wasn’t going to step all over someone’s legal rights of choice to have that business here.

If you’re part of this group that wants a so-called “utopia town”, I suggest you buy land and start building your colony and make any rules you want. Otherwise, unless these businesses do something illegal they should be treated like any other business. I have no interest in visiting some of these businesses, but I will not support the banning of them.

Maybe a re-read of The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is in order. Those words are not a cliché. It’s a slippery slope council, once you start down this road!

Brian Scott (Veteran)

Okotoks, AB


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